The Lycan Kings Baby



I knew no man could live up to my expectations in a relationship. So it made sense when I wanted a family to have my baby on my own. But I didn’t just want some random sperm donor for my precious baby. I needed to know the past would not repeat itself, and that my daughter or son would not suffer as I had seen…


As the Alpha King it is my responsibility to care for my pack, and with the dwindling birth rates among shifters that included looking into fertility options. So when I founded the city’s first fertility clinic all of the pack was required to contribute to the testing and exams, we needed to understand what was happening.

The results were staggering, more of my pack was finding their mates when humans began coming in for help. It was amazing and exciting, shifters were a growing population again. I’m happy for my pack, more and more of them are mating now and our numbers are rising again. But something concerning is happening in the lab, and I don’t know if it’s on purpose or an accident but it may have my mate in trouble, and I must protect her even though she clearly doesn’t want me or what I can offer her.

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